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Convenience Foods, Etc.

Within people's answers to the convenience foods question, I see things
that indicate that many of you, like me, cook things on the weekend to get
you through the week.  I have some favorites that I just don't have time
to make on a week night that I will take time to make for the weekend.
What do you make?

I make 
Veggie Lasagna (my own creation; very hearty.)
Veggie chili (a modification of Jane Brody's vegetarian chili recipe)
Whole wheat bread; I leave some unbaked and use for pizza dough during
the week.  Sometimes, I make a bread filled with raisins and sweet spices
for breakfast)
Soups (lentil/tomato w/pear salsa; veggie/lentil soup)
Vegetable broth (from freezer scraps)
Tofu Salad  (aka mock tuna or mock egg salad)
Rice Pudding (made with short-grain brown rice)
Cookies (various to satisfy an occasional sweet craving that fruit just
won't work for :-))
Spaghetti Sauce (in a crock pot; it's great the next day :-))

I find if I do this my life is so much easier during the week AND I'm less
likely to eat things I shouldn't.