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ramen and a question

On Sat, 8 Mar 1997, Katja wrote:

> Are there healthy ramen packets out there ... the store ones are LOADED
> with fat and HIGH calorie!!! :((

There are some low-fat ramen products, but I don't know how low-fat, and 
I don't know if they're any good.

Instead of ramen, I switched to udon noodle packets.  I get these at my 
local oriental grocery, but I've also seen them in some HFSs.  Udon 
noodles are thick chewy noodles which I find very satisfying, although it 
is a different texture from the ramen noodles.  
I've seen the udon noodles two ways--in convenience packets like ramen 
noodles, and dry like spagetti.  When dry, they're really flat, so they 
absorb lots of water during cooking.  I've seen the dry kind in almost 
any HFS, but of course that isn't as convenient.

Actually, I guess I've seen them packaged three ways.  Just this weekend, 
I was exploring the most scary part of the oriental grocery--the 
freezer!  They had frozen family-size servings of the pre-cooked udon.  
They also had a whole, bright-yellow pickled daikon radish which I was 
too scared to try, and vegetarian duck meat, which the cashier said some 
vegetarians didn't like because it tasted too much like duck.  (It's made 
of gluten.)  I bought some of the duck, so I'll let you know how it turns 
out, once I figure out how to cook it.  :)

I was searching the store for sushi fixings because I'm out of ideas for 
things to put in sushi.  I was looking for what the sushi restaurant 
calls "Japanese pickle."  Is this pickled daikon radish?  What else can I 
put in sushi?  I usually use: cucumber, small amounts of avocado, egg, 
sometimes sunflower sprouts,  or red bell peppers.  How do raw carrots 
work?  They seem awfully crunchy.  The store had frozen dehydrated gourd 
strips--has anyone tried these?


Susan Lehman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Go Heels!!