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convenience and snack foods

My veg life-style evolved out of lactose and fat intolerance from crash 
dieting.  Those two things drove me to some of the usual convenience foods, but 
I tend to prepare them a little differently.  One good expample is that I eat 
my raisin bran softened with water and heated in the microwave, and then add a 
little cream of rice cereal to give it body.  Others:
Cream of Wheat is always eaten with sugar/fatfree hot cocoa mix added in.    
Cheddar grits with tabasco added, tortilla strips dipped in until soft, yes 
it's for breakfast.
Whole wheat saltine with grape jam (only!!) spread on them.  
There is always a package of whole wheat pita or tortillas in the fridge, toast 
these and drizzle honey on them. 
I make and keep on hand, vegan raisin bran muffins and banana marmalade muffins 
in the freezer.
My own homemade granola bars for keeping in my desk at work, crumbled in a bowl 
with juice on them.  Sounds nasty, tastes great.
Always have a fridge full of cooked grains, throw on some biryani paste or soy 
cheese and salsa - wheat berries do not do well with the biryani paste but work 
wonders with the salsa. 
Always have tons of fruit on hand - marmalade is a terrific dip for bananas.
Papad - east indian pepper bread - is great with soy cheese slices.
Cooked, mashed taters with spices mixed in for a quick spoonable snack.
Rice threads and black bean sauce for a three-minute meal.
Frozen veggies of every description, mix into plain rice, or other grain, add 
to mix and eat soups, add to mix and eat grits, add to bean spreads for crunch 
in sandwiches,
Frozen peas taste the best -in my opinion- when thawed but not cooked and added 
to the bean spread or eaten plain.
Hope some of these are adaptable to your tastes.