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Portland Restaurant

I've been on the list since it restarted but haven't posted.
I just relieved a flyer from Pizzicato Westside about a grand opening of 
their new restaurant.
They offer a couple of veggies specialty pizzas sans fat...and they sound 
really good!
very veggies pizza is roasted peppers, onions, black olives artichoke 
hearts mushrooms tomato sauce
pomodoro pizza is roma tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, 
roasted eggplant, roasted onions, kalama olives and sauce.
I recently had the good fortune of meeting with several other 
McDougallers of the Lifestyles McDougall support board at "Old Wives 
Tales"...we had a great time meeting face to face and wonderful food.
We are hoping to make this a monthly occasion and have chosen Chinese for 
our next tinner out in a couple of weeks...you can be sure I'm going to 
vote for pizza after that....If any of you  Portland McDougallers or 
Ornish folks would enjoy some social time let me know!

typeII diabetic, dx 6/96-glucophage and glynase
off meds 12/23/96-diet, exercize, herbal helpers
down 39 lbs on McDougalls low fat starch based diet..with assistance from 
Equinox products.
I work off Dr John McDougalls book "Maximum Weight Loss"
http://lifematters.com/mcdsupp2.html    is the McDougall Support Board
****"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"****
      John Lennon