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Hillary wrote:
> Nancy wrote:
> > No kosher products contain anything with derivatives from a pig and all
> kosher jello
> >is "pareve" - contains neither dairy or meat products.
> Just wanted to let those vegetarians on the list who might not know (for
> future reference concerning products other than the kosher gelatin Nancy is
> writing about), fish is also considered "pareve" in the Kosher diet, lest
> you see "pareve" on the label of a food item and figure it's OK not to read
> the ingredients.

I meant to jump in on this earlier, but things got lost in the shuffle. I'm
afraid that Nancy's statement is a little misleading. It is true that most
kosher *jello* is pareve. However, there is such a thing as kosher *gelatin*
made from kosher cattle. Unfortunately I don't remember the brand name - might
even be Elyon, actually. So *always* read the label!!

Be well, Hadass

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