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Religion at restaurants?

Lyn Goodnight referred to a restaurant in San Diego, Jyoti
Bihanga  that serves religion along with food. Their god
is a man named Sri Chinmoy. I have been to other restaurants
that serve religion with food: a vegetarian restuarant in
downtown San Jose, that was rather high in fat--as well
as religion. That one had an endless video tape of their
lady guru giving lectures to thousands of people at an
unnamed American university. Her message was mostly
animal rights. 

In Seattle, the Five Loaves Deli is run by the SDA folks.
They are very nice people, and even though they have books
there, including wonderful cook books, they NEVER 
prosyltize, or at least they never have to us. 

I suppose that religion is off topic, so I won't 
discuss it here, except to say that I appreciate
those who disclose the fact that the veggie
restaurant they attend also serves religion.

It is certainly OK, in my opinion for a restuarant
to serve religion with their food. After all, this is
America, and privately owned restaurants are not
public/tax funded areas. Let them speak. 

Mike Rosenblatt, the "open minded" atheist