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Elderly people and FF diets

Some months ago I wrote this BB asking for advice on how to convince
my father-in-law (who lives in Florida) to eat FF. He has made an
effort and has lost about 14 lbs. His belt is looser and his 
cholesterol came down. I'm really proud of him. My guess is 
that his physician will be shocked. 

He has been visiting us for the last two weeks and of course I
feed him only what I make. We try to go out to restaurants that
only serve VLF veggie styles. Since Jack Sprat's closed there
is now one less...

He still eats a lot of frozen vegetables. I'd prefer he ate
more fresh ones. But for one person it is difficult to buy
in small enough quantities...one ends up throwing away a lot.

I advised him to buy as many "different colors" of fruits
and veggies...but avoiding olives, and other high fat
veggies and nuts.

When I cook at home here in Seattle, I cook a very wide
variety of VLF veggies and foods. He doesn't have the
kitchen skills to do this...and in Fort Lauderdale there
are virtually no VLF restaurants. I have tried a few 
down there and it was a dismal failure in every case.

But, it IS possible for an elderly person to eat less
fat, but still very difficult.

Mike Rosenblatt