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Another great restaurant closes!

The "Late" Jack Sprat's

I know most readers of this discussion group are scattered all
around the World. Most have never had the wonderful opportunity
to eat at Jack Sprat's in Redmond, Washington...in Washington

Well, it closed. We had our "last meal" there yesterday. We
drive about 20 miles to go there, but it has always been well
worth the ride. No meals (or sweets) were over 3 gms of fat.

Elliot did serve meat, but it was always very low fat.
(However, I don't eat any form of meat--but there were always
many other veggie choices.) 

Some of the meals were beyond excellent. His squash stuffed
ravioli was one of the best dishes I have ever eaten...
forget the fact it had no fat. He hand made the little
squares. It was worth 3 times the price he charged.

Elliot is actually a physician who apparently did not practice
medicine--but preferred to operate a restaurant. I think he
is the kind of person who definitely "marches to his own
drummer." I could not pry the reason why he quit out of him
or his staff. But I didn't want to be intrusive, either. 
Perhaps he just got tired. 

He is coming out with a cook book. I know it is inappropriate
to advertise on this reader's panel. But he will have some
of his best recipes in it. The ones I am most interested in 
is how on earth he made those wonderful FF pie crusts? He
promised to get it in his book. 

That, of course and the ravioli. I hope this message is not
to long for Michelle to publish.

There are so FEW restaurants fit to eat at. I know that 
veggie restaurants open and close like kitchen doors.
That is just reality. Dealing with the public is very
difficult. I talked with a (successful) veggie restaurant
operator in downtown Chicago. She said that she doesn't
serve tofu...because as soon as men see that word on
the menu, they turn around and leave. She has to serve
things like buffalo burgers, even though she prefers to
think of herself as a VLF veggie restaurant. She does
that to survive. I don't blame her. 

That's what we are up against...

A Requiem for Jacks:

"Jack Sprats, we saw you come and go, your
veggies sparkled our palates long ago. We 
mourn your passing ravioli fancy, but look
to a day when VLF rules will thrive in
every pantry..."

"A Toast to Elliot...we lift our glasses HIGH."
Dr. Stern, good luck and good health wherever 
you go.

Mike Rosenblatt