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re: toast toppings

Kathy wrote:

> I often eat toast with fatfree cream cheese (a little bit goes a long way) or
> yogurt cheese.  Add some seasoning (whatever sounds interesting at the
> moment).  

Try these variations with cream cheese:

Our old friend Marmite spread very thinly on the toast and then 
topped with ff cream cheese and (this is totally optional) sprinkled with chopped 
chives or even gherkins makes a tasty, quick lunch snack.

crushed, drained pineapple topped with cream cheese.

apricot or peach jam (jelly) topped with cream cheese. (try putting 
this on fresh bread and popping it in the microwave for literally a 
couple of seconds. Guaranteed to cure a sweet tooth craving!)

Cream cheese sprinkled with cooked lentils - gives it a nice nutty 

Cream cheese mixed with chopped mushrooms (cooked or raw). Add a 
little peri-peri or cayenne pepper if you wish.

Cream cheese mixed with green pepper (capsicum) and/or finely chopped onion.

Only your imagination is the limit here.
Frances Watts
for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise