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Cough/could remedies

Lynn Mancuso <ldm01@xxxxxxxxx> asked (about remedies to help with a 
cold or cough):
> I know there are some tea mixtures but I don't know any, do any of
> you have any home made cures?  

I'm just getting over the worst cold/flu and cough I've ever had. My
physician, a vegan wholistic MD, recommended any herbal tea with
thin slices of fresh ginger root added. That alone was very helpful
for me, as well as tea with ginger, lemon and brown rice syrup (non-
vegans could use honey). She also recommended taking echinacea and 
golden seal (available in a single capsule at many large drugstore 
chains) and zinc lozenges. Those were in addition to powerful 
decongestant and expectorant prescriptions. 

I think I lost my usual immunity when eating in London (and maybe
traveling two days without sleep). Although vegetarian and vegan 
eating places are almost everywhere, almost everthing was very high 
fat. Higher by far than even SAD food in Hawaii. I did find one 
excellent resource for vegetarian eating and lodging in London (and 
the rest of England): `Vegetarian London' by Alex Bourke and Paul 
Gaynor. #4.99 through bookstores or from Cruelty-Free Living, 18
Jarvis House, Goldsmith Road, London SE15 5SY, UK. (Be sure to 
include enough funds for international mail, or 70 pence in the UK)
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM