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San Diego Vegetarian Paradise

For anyone in the San Diego area or thinking of visiting here any time
soon, we found a wonderful veggie restaurant that offers the most
peaceful atmosphere along with WONDERFUL food.  It's called Jyoti
Bihanga.  We had a coupon, buy one complete meal, get the second for 27
cents, so we thought we'd give it a try.  
They will make foods the way you ask for them, so you can get the vlf
goodies you want.  They offer both vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and vegan
possibilities.  I had the "Neatloaf", a veggie meatloaf with a sort of
barbecue-sauce type of topping, mashed potatoes (mashed without milk or
butter) and a portobello mushroom "gravy" that was to die for.  My
husband had the spinach-potato curry -- they serve a different curry
each day.  It was also superb.  Along with the wonderful food, they
serve a hearty helping of PEACEFUL.  The folks who run the place are
followers of a man named Sri Chinmoy, who teaches meditation, peace and
harmony with ones fellow man, and seems to be a pretty popular guy, as
his pictures on the walls showed him with no less than the pope, Nelson
Mandela, Gorbachev -- well, you get the idea.  There is soft, soothing
music performed by his students playing in the background, a quiet
fountain babbling off to one side, and the high valuted ceilings are
painted in gentle pastels.  In the midst of a busy city, an oasis of
peacefulness and delicious cooking.  No, I'm not in any way associated
with the folks who run the restaurant, but I wanted to share with you
the sonderful experience we had -- after all, Dr. Ornish speaks of how
important stress relief is to our health, as well as healthy eating. 
This place offers the ideal combination of the two.  Bon Apetit  ~~Lyn