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VitaMix fine product, but...

 From what I've learned over the past few days sufficient heat is generated
as to destroy some of the nutritional content of wheat ground in the VM.

Unlike a mill, the wheat is pounded and pounded and repounded against those
famouse steel blades that are known for doing what? heating liquids to hot

My sole purpose for wanting a Vita Mix was as a grain miller.  I use whole
wheat exclusively: for bread, for pasta, for English Muffins (using soft
wheat berries as a pastery flour).  I want all the nutrition and fiber I
can get from this natural wonder.

Thanks to all who have responded to my query earlier this week.  I've
settled on the Kitchen Mill which sells for about $240.  It has steel
blades in place of the stones I'd prefer, but the least expensive stone
grinder I've been able to disover is well over $1,000 (with motor).