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Mushrooms etc...

>I love mushrooms fried in butter.
>Has anyone got an alternative that still tastes and smells absolutely
>yummy ?

Greetings Andrew

I like to use fresh rosemary to give a delightful flavor to mushrooms and
many other veggies.

It's best to grill the veggies and rosemary if possible.

Here's my recipe for grilled veggie fajitas.

a few sprigs of rosemary, fresh is best.
1 onion ( red if you have it) sliced into rings then cut into half
2 yellow (crooked neck) squash, sliced
1 bell pepper (red, yellow or green) I prefer red, sliced into rings then
1 corn cob, cut into rings, fresh corn is hard to cut but it gives it a
nice flavor. Use a sharp knife.
1/4 head fresh cauliflower, cut into pieces
10 button mushrooms cut into half, about medium in size.
6 cherry tomatoes
1 cup freshly cooked black beans drained. Can will do if you must, rinse it

You can add any veggies you like just try to keep them uniform in size and
really not too small in size either.


Use a very hot non-stick pan or well seasoned pan will do too. If you have
a grill this is even better. Do not burn any of the mixture take time to
grill but not let it get too brown as everything will taste too bitter.

Cut up some sprigs of fresh rosemary and toss it around your very hot pan
so it can release its flavor. Then quickly add the rest of the veggies and
saute/grill to your desired doneness. ( I prefer just till soften lightly)
add the beans cook till heated. and serve on pita or flour tortillas.
Tastes really good with a tofu-tahini dressing drizzled on it but that IS

Note: try to leave the rosemary on the twig as it can be too overpowering
in flavor otherwise, it also is difficult to eat and can stick your mouth

Birdy Bright
Cool Dog Graphics
Eureka, CA Humboldt Co.
Northern California Zone 9