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Bajan Beans

I believe it was Michelle that offered up the Bajan Beans recipe the other
day for which I send a nice thank you. 

I made it yesterday with a few changes, it is delicious, a kind of thick

I used pinto beans that I cooked in the crock pot instead of the canned white
Made a few changes in seasonings, did not have cilantro on hand and I used
Del Monte's Mexican Recipe tomatoes.  After the vegie, rice mixture was done
I added it to the pinto beans in the crock pot where it mingled on low until
supper time.

I don't know if anyone out there dislikes raw tomatoes as I do.  They are
just fine cooked up or in ketchup.  What I do is use salsa in place of plain
raw tomatoes in recipes, seems to work out just fine for me.

Barbara in FL