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New to Veganism...

Hello all...I hope that none of this crosses the line as far as 
what's appropriate for the list, but I really don't know who else to 
appeal to for help.  So, I apologize in advance...

My story -- I've been lacto-ovo for some time now and have just 
recently decided to attempt the plunge into veganism.  Do I still 
call it veganism if I wear leather shoes and wool sweaters?  I don't 
want to offend anyone by misusing the term.  Well, anyway, I've 
decided to try to eliminate dairy and eggs.  I would be very greatful 
to anyone who has gone through this transition for advice, support, 
and anything else.  I would especially be interested in examples of 
healthy, balanced daily menus.  I want to be sure (especially at 
first) that I'm eating enough of the right things every day.  You can 
e-mail me directly.

Also, I've been having alot of trouble with fatigue.  I mean, by 
afternoon I feel like I just can't even move anymore.  My head feels 
fuzzy, and my body weighs a ton.  These problems began before I 
abandoned dairy and eggs.  Do I just need to eat more frequently to 
maintain a stable blood sugar?  My father, of course, says that I 
need to 'vary my diet' and 'eat more protein'  What he's really 
saying is: 'Eat meat.'  I refuse to believe that that is necessary or 
even helpful.  This is another reason that I would really appreciate 
examples of what you guys eat in a typical day (and when you eat it). 
 Thanks so much.

By the way, I just made a great vegan casserole.  I got the recipe 
for the archives.  It was originally written by Michelle Dick.  I'll 
post the recipe after this message.

I really am greatful to all of you, and especially to anyone who 
responds to this.  I hope you all are doing well.