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Well, I don't have any recipies as such for yucca, but some ideas on what to
do with it.
I used to cook yucca a lot, and found that you can use it in much the same
way as potatoes (though it has a stronger flavor).
Try cutting up raw yucca and cooking it in a vegtable soup or stew.
Or you may just want to boil it in water and serve it like you would boiled
It will get soft similar to potatoes, but it does have a hard "fiber" that
runs down through the center that you probably don't want to eat.
I found that sometimes when I cooked the yucca  it would tend to be quite
dry inside. I think this was because I didn't cook it in the water/ broth
for a long enough time.
If you try baking it, it will probably turn out dry, unless you are baking
it in a dish with broth/water.
(Also, when I was less "fat" conscious, I would boil the yucca, let it cool,
and then "deep fry" it until the outside was crunchy.  Sprinkle on some salt
& its very tasty.)

Hope this helps!