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info on DC exchange for Alta, Utah info

some more first hand VLF tips from recent DC trip:

Oodles of Noodles was great (thanks Roberta :-) although not
vegetarian, it had many veggie choices, and not VLF but were
very accomodating (just ask questions and they will be helpful
in sub'ing steamed tofu for fried, etc).  Very casual and
nice atmosphere, and very reasonable.  

The "fancy" cafe downstairs at the National Gallery was surprisingly 
good. We (my 7yo and I) ate there instead of the buffet because we 
ate late before the Sunday concert, and the buffet had closed. 
Both of us ended up very happy (big surprise).  I don't recommend
the Air & Space caf, though they did have a la carte hot veggies 
they all had margarine already on them. The baked beans were vegetarian
so that's what I had for lunch :-(

In return ..... I'd like to hear from anyone that's stayed at the
Alta ski lodges on their food (apparently breakfast and dinners are
included).  Is any one better (esp. regarding VLF diets) than the
others ... a friend recommended the Peruvian but she's not even LF.
I can't believe I have to make ski reservations already but heard they
book up quick!


Aiko Pinkoski