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Hi everyone -

A few days ago my husband went to the HFS to buy some Baba Ghanouj (sp?) for
me - there is a particular brand I love that is fairly lowfat. But the HFS was
out of that particular brand, so he brought home another one - on the top it
had in large letters 'NO ADDED FAT'! But when I looked at the nutritional
info, it was 35 calories of fat for 50 calories of serving! I've been thinking
I should be able to make this - does anyone have a recipe?

Also, our local bagel store has a wonderful spread - it's curried tofu, with
raisins and celery. I'm thinking of trying to re-create it at home - does
anyone have a recipe for something like that?

I had a wonderful soup in a restaurant the other day - it was called "Moroccan
Stew" and it had chick peas, white beans, lentils, brown rice, various veggies
& spices. I decided to re-create it at home. As I was getting ready for a
Sunday morning of much cooking, I said to my husband, I'm going to cook lots
of food. He thought I said I was going to cook Long Foo - so I made the soup
(among other things) and called it Long Foo!

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz