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Reply to RubyTues - what to do with Jicami

Ruby - We love Jicami served as an appetizer.  Just cut Jicami in large
julienne-type slices.  Pour some lime juice over them (I sometimes use
lemon juice) and then sprinkle generously with Vegetable Supreme and 
Seasoned Salt.

My company always rave about these and they are not real filling to serve
before a dinner  
I am a fairly new to the column and love all the advise and receipes.. 
My husband is on the Ornish Reversal of Heart Disease Diet and we have
followed it for 18 months and he is doing wonderful.  He has had 3 heart
attacks and by-pass surgery 14 yrs. ago.  Doctor's said he wasn't a
candidate for any more heart surgery.  He swims 45 min. a day and plays
tennis and has a wonderful attitude about his very low fat-veggie diet.

Joanne Mill        jmill@xxxxxxxx