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Re: Thanks!

>BTW, has anyone read Susan Powter's books?  I was turned off by her at
>first, but her book _Stop The Insanity_ really makes a lot of sense, and
>she advocates a diet very close to Ornish.

I read both _Stop the Insanity_ and _Food_.  I was somewhat disappointed in 
_Stop the Insanity_ when I read it because it basically says that you can 
eat anything you want as long as you don't exceed a certain percentage of 
fat.  I didn't think that the book did a very good job of explaining the 
difference between *healthy* fat-free foods and *junk* fat-free foods.  
However, I thought the overall message was good and I purchased _Food_ 
when it came out.  I really liked this book.  It had some really 
excellent information about the benefits of some foods over others and 
about getting a good balance in your diet.

I was disappointed on my last trip to the bookstore, however.  Both of 
her first two books stress the benefits of vegetarianism--or at least mega 
meat reduction.  However when I checked out her cookbooks I found that many if 
not most of them contained meat.  :-(  How sad, especially since she 
states in her first book that she has been a long-time vegetarian.

So, IMHO, _Stop the Insanity_ is probably  worth a look if you can borrow a 
copy from a friend or the library and you have plenty of free time for 
reading; _Food_ is definately worth the money and the time to read it--and 
it is out in paperback now, too, I think; but, I would definately pass on 
the cookbooks, since I didn't see enough veg recipes in them to make them 
worth the money.

Of course, YMMV.  She does have a writing style that may turn some people 
off (I definately couldn't see myself recommending the books--espcially the
first one--to my mother :-)  ).  The first book has a lot of information 
about the failure of her marriage and her stint as a topless dancer...you 
get the idea.

I'd be interested in hearing what others thought about them, too.