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Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about whether my weight
would stabilize when I get to my right weight.  Since I've given up
dairy, I've just been losing so quickly (4 pounds/week) that it's a
little startling.  I'm NOT hungry, so I'm pretty sure I'm eating
enough.  (I eat only whole grains, beans, veggies, fruits, breads,
cereals, etc.)

Thanks, Tina, for the great taco recipe.  Sounds wonderful.  I also am
surprised at how easy it is to lose weight on Ornish/McDougall.  I've
been on way too many starvation diets, and it's nice to EAT and lose

BTW, has anyone read Susan Powter's books?  I was turned off by her at
first, but her book _Stop The Insanity_ really makes a lot of sense, and
she advocates a diet very close to Ornish.