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Beano & pressure cookers

Actually, I've never used Beano.  I do, however, use a pressure cooker.

We eat beans often enough that apparently our bodies have become used to
elements which Beano is meant to eliminate.

Suggestion: don't EVER cook lentils in a pressure cooker.  They will cook
just as fast using a regular stove top pan.  

Lentils and some other types of beans create copious amounts of bubbles
inside a pressure cooker.  So unless you are willing to add a drop or two
of canola or olive oil to the beans, don't cook 'em.

Why?  That foam someday is going to block your steam escape hole and you're
going to have 'em all over your ceiling.  (Been there.  Done that.)

Yes, I know, y'all have has success doing it, but by the time the danged
thing builds to pressure, the amount of time you've invested has gone down
the tubes because in the same amount of time lentils are cooked.

I love red lentils and cook them with diced carrots, onions, garlic, and a
few drops of liquid smoke.

I usualy use two cups of water, a cup of lentils, a carrot, the better part
of an onion, and three or four cloves of garlic (diced).  Bring to a boil,
turn down the heat to low, cover, and go do something interesting for about
30 minutes.

A bowl of them and a nice thick slice of freshly baked whole wheat bread
and I'm in hog heaven.

For a bit of excitement and flavor, try tossing in a small amount of Texas
Gunpowder (dried and powdered jalapenos), or about a quarter of a fresh

It's to LIVE for.  Lentils are one of the very few beans that have zero