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Wow, this just proves we *do* need a list of alternative names... for 
once, there's a lot of you don't know a name that I *do*.

Marrows are from the pumpkin family. 
Read zucchini.
They are long rather than round, and often have a softer skin.  
Their flesh is usually not as stringy as pumpkin and can be used for 
all sorts of dishes. 

I sliced potatoes, marrows, onions and layered them alternately. 
Seasoned with whatever available (salt, pepper, mixed herb, garlics etc). 
Took a packet of vegetable soup, mixed it with half the amount of 
water required to make soup, poured it over the vegetables, and baked 
it in the oven until the potatoes were soft.

It was delicious!  If you are allowed, grate some lf cheese over the 
top and brown it under the grill (broiler??)

Frances Watts
for CompuQuest & Net!Heads
UUNet Internet Africa - Stanger franchise