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maple syrup

>Maple syrup has recently hit the shelves of our supermarkets here in 
>Ballito, cloudy and cold South Africa. I bought some. My kids refuse 
>to eat it because it smells and tastes of floral perfume/toilet spray - is
it supposed 
>to? The thought of putting it in cheese makes my stomach turn.

Living in Vermont the more or less (we like to think) capital of Maple sugar
production, I can say that NO, real maple syrup should not in anyway remind
you of perfume or toilet spray! It should have a clean slightly sweet smell.
Are you sure you have 100% maple syrup and NOT maple flavored yucky stuff
that is mostly corn syrup?  Check your label. Real Vermont maple syrup
should disappear in short order when exposed to unsupervised kids!  I use
the syrup in a lot of things, and it is hard to go ten paces here in VT
without seeing some food or other it has been added to- but to cheese?
Nope, never heard of doing that, and not sure I would want to do it either.
My favorite use is to make granola and to top plain yogurt.  I also use it
to make maple flavored ice yogurt in my ice cream maker. 

Lynn Piper
Huntington Vermont