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maple syrup

>>>>> "Hillary" == Hillary Ross <hross@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Hillary> Frances wrote:
    >> Maple syrup has recently hit the shelves of our supermarkets
    >> here in Ballito, cloudy and cold South Africa. I bought
    >> some. My kids refuse to eat it because it smells and tastes of
    >> floral perfume/toilet spray - is
    Hillary> it supposed
    >> to? The thought of putting it in cheese makes my stomach turn.

    Hillary> Yuck - that sure doesn't sound like the maple syrup I
    Hillary> use!  Are you buying pure maple syrup, or something with
    Hillary> chemicals added?  I like the real stuff so much, I use
    Hillary> some in my iced coffee (decaf :-) in the summer.  Hope
    Hillary> you find some!

Be aware that real maple syrup tastes *very* different than the yucky
fake sugar syrup sold in stores. The real stuff has a stronger flavor,
and you don't need to use nearly as much. It took my kids a while to
get used to the flavor when we first started using it.

Dave Wallis