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maple syrup

>>Maple syrup has recently hit the shelves of our supermarkets here in 
>>Ballito, cloudy and cold South Africa. I bought some. My kids refuse 
>>to eat it because it smells and tastes of floral perfume/toilet spray 

Please don't give up on your maple syrup!  You brought back memories of
childhood when my parents used to tap the maple trees in the spring for
syrup.  They would pour the buckets of sap into a large vat in the 'sugar
forest' to boil off the water.  My favorite was 'sugar on snow';  mom would
pour a blob of warm syrup on the snow where it would firm up to a chewy
toffee consistency.  If snow is a bit of a problem in SA ,  ;-)
here's some ideas:
-Make toasted soldiers and dip them in syrup.
-sub for honey in muffin and quick bread recipes
-swirl into rice/bread puddings
-*awsome* on egg white french toast!
-on pancakes
-on hot oatmeal

I'm sure I've got many other recipes tucked away, but I'm kicking off to a
conference in about an hour.  If any are needed, I could send them as soon
as I can.

Meanwhile, maple syrup does have a slightly floral scent to it.  If it was
rancid, you would notice in the taste.  (Kept refrigerated, MS lasts for
well over a year.)


Sharon M.  BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO
Reg'd Osteopath