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Sylvia, Shawn and Suzanne

Thanks, Sylvia, for that AMAZING posting about camping food!  

For Shawn, looking for dairy and sugar free frozen treats, here is an easy
one that was posted last year. You need 1 can of fruit, and a food processor.

Freeze 1 can of your favorite fruit for at least 8 hours. 
Open the top and bottom of the can, and work the frozen blob of fruit out. 
Process til smooth (you'll have to chop at it some).
Add a little rice milk to make it smoother. 

Tip: It tastes better if you get fruit preserved in a light syrup. Peaches
are especially good. Cherries are disappointing. Have fun!

For Suzanne, looking for ways to preserve peaches, they are GREAT dehydrated.
I don't know much about drying with an oven, as i have an actual dehydrator,
but I'm sure some other FF-er can help... I dried a bunch about four years
ago, and just finished them last summer. They lost their color, but I kept
them in airtight storage and they stayed bug-free and flavorful. They are
great for nibbling, but my favorite thing is to toss them in with a fresh
fruit salad and let them rehydrate in the juice from the other fruits. Yum. 

Holly in Virginia