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Re: Portable vlf hiking food

| < We will be hiking in all of our own food and so ideally
| whatever I come up with will be light to carry, vlf,  nutritious and
| filling.>
| Rice with seasonings is good. Put one meal's worth in a ziplock. Also those
| vegetarian vlf cup-a-soups can be taken out of their cup and put in a bag
| for transport. Just pour it into a mug and add hot water. They come in all
| flavors. I like the black bean soup and red bean & lentils the best. The
| brand names here are Fantastic Foods and Nile Spice. Nile Spice also sells
| "BackPack Meals" which is about 4 servings of their soups in a paper pouch.
| Good luck, it sounds like a fun trip!
| Marie 
| mfinch@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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