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Camping food

Eileen, here are more suggestions for camping food:

I often take a bag of fresh vegetables, ones that travel well in a
backpack like cauliflower, carrots and broccoli.  A brand called "The
Spice Hunter," makes these great mashed potatoes that you can buy (they
are in a cup of soup type container) and you just add hot water.  They
are delicious.  Health food stores have lots of different kinds of low
fat snacks, ie, cookies, crackers, nut bars, etc, that make great hiking
food.  Bagels travel very well and go great with the various soups you
can buy.  The soups are lightweight and you just add water.  For your
first night out, take some cheese so it will be eaten before it needs to
be refrigerated.  Nothing is better than a nice piece of cheese on a
fresh baked crusty roll! Fresh fruit is nice, but can be heavy.  Have