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camping food

Camping food for Eileen:

You can get dehydrated black bean or pinto bean flakes in bulk at most 
co-ops and many grocery stores now.  They are a very lightweight protein 
source, and need only hot water to prepare!    You can often buy dried 
peppers and other veggies to add to them.   That fast cooking brown rice is 
good and light weight, too.   Pasta travels well, too, especially the small 
kinds that take up less space for the weight.   Check around town for less 
expensive sources of dehydrated veggies, those little packs at camping 
stores are too small and too expensive.   That chain grocery, Whole Foods 
or something (formerly Fresh Fields), has a lot of stuff in the bulk bins. 
 Pack plenty of stove fuel for boiling water (it's a good idea to boil 
drinking water as well).

One word of caution:  don't try to restrict your calories on the trip the 
way you do at home.  Your body will need more calories for the canoeing, 
hiking, and keeping warm at night.   This isn't the place to be 
calorie-deprived, you can get sick and miserable.   You'll be amazed - you 
won't gain weight, even if you eat twice as much!   What an argument for 
the active life.