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hiking food

Hi all,

Someone was interested in ideas for food on backpacking trips.  The
best way to go is to pre-make ziplock bags full of one-pot dinners that
you simply need to add water to (you'll have to take a big- lightweight-
aluminum pot).  For example: couscous+herbs+ dried
veggies or TVP + dried taco mix + macaroni or lentils+spices+ dried
veggies  Also take lots of granola bars (health valley are our 
favoites) and a must is a package of fig newtons!  The dried fruit is a
perfect idea too.  A fun dessert might be rice, dried milk, dried fruit,
and some sugar,  then add water and stew up into a rice pudding.
You can find lots of pre-freeze-dried meals in outdoor-sportsman 
stores.  And even the grocery stores have lots of dried soups and 
'add to rice' mixes, etc...   Also well wrapped bagels will last a few days
into the trip (accompanied by a baggie full of jam?).

Good Luck and let us know what works/ doesn't work for you!
Pam D