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Sue's Steamer

I have a dessert-like recipe which I borrowed from the book "Cooking
with Steam" by Stephanie Lyness.

Warm Brandied Bananas

Fill your steamer's water resevoir to medium.  Cut a 12- by 14- inch
piece of aluminum foil and put two bananas (which are peeled and sliced
into halves) in the center of foil.  Sprinkle this with 2 TBSP of sugar
and drizzle with 2 TSP of brandy and 1/2 TSP vanilla extract, then top
this with 1 TBSP of butter (which is cut into little chunks).  Then you
carefully fold up the foil package, making sure the edges are secure. 
Place the package in the steamer basket, and steam until just warmed
through, about 10 minutes.  To serve, slit open foil with a knife and
slide bananas onto individual plates.  Drizzle the cooking juices over
it and serve.  A lot of times I'll experiment with variations. 
Sometimes I add some plumped raisins to the package.  Also, a little
cinnamon sprinkled to the finished product is nice.  But my favorite is
to prepare it as directed, and serve it with some low-fat frozen yogurt,
a cherry, and a swirl of chocolate syrup!