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Grilled Tofu

I have found a way to do grilled tofu that really works for me.  I buy
the lowfat EXTRA FIRM tofu at my HFS (brand name "Organic", HFS is
Mother's in Irvine).  I cut it into finger sized slices, then marinate
the slices in a mushroom flavored broth (you can use anything)
overnight in the fridge, and then throw them on the grill.  They grill
and brown nicely and have a texture similar to chicken.  I refrigerate
them and take a couple to work every day for a snack or snack on them
at home.

If you can't find the extra firm, you can use the firm, but it will not
hold up on the grill.  However, you can do the same thing and then bake
them at 450 degrees (a hot oven) until the brown, about 30 minutes.