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Bocca Burgers

I agree that Bocca Burgers are a wonderful contribution to
the diet of those of us on VLF regimes like Ornish.

Bev, I hear your concern about the commercial grocery
stores and of course much of it has to do with space.  It if
does not move they can not keep it in stock and waste
space vs something that does move.  

I do notknow where you live, but here in SC, the Publix
stores that have just moved in from FL stock BB as does an
upscale store called the Fresh Market.

I wonder if you spoke to the manager if he/she would not
order you a case of BB and call you when they come.. not
take shelf space and you could put them in your freezer.  Or
perhaps your hospital foodservice would do the same for you
and who knows you might be able to get them at wholesale
that way.  Worth an inquiry to save driving 60 miles.  

Good luck