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Make-at-home energy bars

I am looking for suggestions and ideas for making my own energy bars,
especially for backpacking.  My last trip out was my first ever that was
completely added fat and white sugar free.  We made up a bunch of trail mix
with whole rolled grains, puffed rice, millet (which is wonderful eaten
raw--kinda salty tasting), and chopped dried fruits.  We just combined
everything and baked it, and although our traveling companions thought we
were nuts as they were eating their candified granola bars and Pringles, it
was very affirming to go through a hard charging weekend with no added sugar.

However, the massive influx of grains got to be a bit much after three
days.  So we want to find a way to make a power-bar type thing using only
one grain and dried fruit.  We were thinking of taking millet and pureed
dried fruit, with maybe a little prune juice added for liquid, and then
forming into bars and baking.  I just wondered if anyone out there had any
further ideas on this, or had done some experiementing of their own.  I'm
also interested in hearing of any other ideas for trail snacks that have no
added sugar.  Meals we have down just fine, it's the snacks that have
proven to be tough.

TIA--hope everyone is having a great summer!

Emily Swensen
Pyramus Online
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