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>Finally we cooked them on high for another 4-5 hours and finally they're
>but just barely. Do I need to cook them on high from the beginning or do
>think it's just that garbanzos take so long to cook through? I have
>before, when cooking them on top of the stove, that they take a really
>time to cook. Does anyone have any directions for the crockpot that they
>send me, either attached to recipes or separately? I tried my local
>but no luck. I'm thinking I'd really like to use it since I hate cooking
>getting home from work thanks for any help

Tips For Cooking Beans

* Salt toughens the skins of beans and increases their cooking time. If you
are adding salt, wait until the beans are tender. 

*A crockpot is an ideal way to cook beans. The slow, even heat ensures
thoroug cooking and reduces the chance of scorching. If you add the beans
to the crockpot with boiling water, and use the high setting, theyk will
cook as quickly as on the stove. With cold water theky take longer. 

* Using a pressure cooker to cook beans is fast and efficient. Be sure to
follow the instructions that come with the cooker. 

*Beans unlike other vegetables, should be very thoroughly cooked. It is
better to err on the side of overcooking. 

*Cooked beans keep in the refrigerator for up to a week. They also freeze
well. You can save time by cooking extra and freeezing them in airtight
containers for later use. 

The above is taken from a great book called "Food for LIfe, How the new
four food groups can save your life" Neal Barnard, M.D. Foreward by Dean
Ornish, M.D. with recipes and menus by Jennifer Raymond. 

Tom B.