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you wrote:
<Morningstar products' list of fat sounds like they start with fat and
then start adding ingredients.>

I asked concerning the Boca burgers vs. the Morningstar better n'
burgers...just a informal survey of which the crowd likes best.  I'd like
to point out that Morningstar better n' burgers are fat free.  We got a box
of the Boca and I think given the price difference...the Boca's were nearly
$2 more...we'll stick w/ the Morningstar Better n Burgers.

I try to eat under 10 grams of fat a day, but realize that the human body
requires a little bit of fat grams. LOL I don't get excited if I go over
the 10 grams by a bit...10 - 15 suits me.  The Morningstar Breakfast
patties are 3 grams of fat and starting ingredient is textured vegetable
protein.  The morningstar Breakfast strips are 4.5 grams for 2 strips and
starting ingredient is egg whites, soybean oil, textured soy protein. Not a
terrible sin every now and then.......especially if you exercise 6 days of
the week like I do...aerobic and weight training on alternate days.