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Morningstar Farms, etc.

If your local store carries only the fat laden Morningstar Farms and 
 Gardenburger lines, ask the manager to order the fatfree versions - 
suggest that they might sell better.   After all, they have the brand on 
the shelf, so they are half-way there!    These brands both have about a 
dozen products, some horribly fatty, some vlf, and some lf.  As to why I 
buy them:  people like my spouse will eat them for lunch,  he is not the 
type to warm food in the microwave.  Without Gardenburgers, he'd be off to 
the local all-you-can-eat.  I'm sure lots of spouses and kids are spared 
poor choices by this kind of convenience food.  We also travel with a few 
precooked patties made up into sandwiches in our cooler, a huge 
breakthrough for traveling comfortably.

While I would love to finally find a recipe for my own patties, I have 
tried MANY recipes and have yet to find one that both tastes good and forms 
a firm patty (without lots of egg white, which I can't digest).  Most of 
them are really bad cold or reheated.   Keep the recipes coming, though, 
because these patties are one of the few things I eat that still contain 
dairy.  I would love to have a totally vegan vlf perfect patty recipe!
Anne Cox