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Re: Marinara (?)

Kirsten asked:
>Just one question - I thought a marinara sauce was a seafood sauce?  Any

Hi Kirsten;
        As far as I know (which isn't very far when it comes to Italian
food, being British), marinara is tomato sauce, with a *huge* amount of
leeway.  It seems to swing from the bare-bones tomato sauce (tomatoes,
onions, garlic, olive oil, red wine and basil), to an
everything-but-the-kitchen-sink vein with a variety of chopped veggies.  The
only time I've ever noticed seafood as an ingredient is when anchovies are
used for flavouring.
        Perhaps the word marinade is related...?  
        Any Italians on the list?
        Or anyone who knows Latin?  ;o)

>Thanks again for the great recipe.

        I'm really glad you enjoyed it.