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Thank you for all ideas & advice

Hi guys,

When I posted last week regarding "Hypoglycemia & LF diet", it was really
out of a moment's frustration... not that I don't take my health seriously,
but I didn't expect it to generate so much response... and I'm really
thankful to all those out there who gave me valuable advice...

I'm still a student, and can't afford a dietician... so I'm going to do a
serious trial (and error??) with the types of foods recommended & TRY to
eat at fixed intervals... I guess I've learnt alot through my own
mistakes... like eating a slice of pineapple yesterday, and realising that
my system can't take it at all... and I now know the problem with my eating
cereal for breakfast, I ate COMMERCIAL cereals, like Apple Jacks... I shall
now turn to Quick Cooking Oatmeal and bran cereal... a big thank you to
those who pointed out my mistake...

Here's to healthy eating!!