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Mushroom burgers vs. Boca

Bronwyn asks a good question, do folks want convenience or taste?  I
certainly can't speak for the rest of y'all, but I want TASTE and VERY

Plus I want to eat as close to vegan as possible.

While the mushroom burgers sound great, that's a lot of fat you're
putting into them.  Approximately three pieces of bread is three grams,
add at least two more for the hamburger bun and you've just tossed
together a minumum of five grams of fat--plus egg whites.

Boca Burgers on the other hand, have less than .5 gram per patty.

I know I sound fanatical about the fat, but in the past few years I have
reversed the coronary artery disease I had and have shown a 64% (from
55% to 20% blockage of a carotid artery.)

Each and every gram has to be counted if you have vascular disease, thus
my almost fanatical allegiance to some of the foods which are helping to
save my life.