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Boca Burgers and MORNINGSTAR?

'Scuse me.  I'm an a doctor-ordered VLF vegetarian (vegan) diet.

Morningstar products' list of fat sounds like they start with fat and
then start adding ingredients.

While seemingly low-fat, to me 7 to 10 grams of fat (half of my daily
allowance) for a serving of Morningstar stuff is way too much.

Garden Burgers by Green Giant is similarly loaded with fat...when you
really are restrictricted as I am.

I'd LOVE to see Boca and Nature's Touch be able to buy their way into
the main-stream stores, but I've a feeling there will be skating in the
theological place of eternal punishment before that happens.

One of my local grocers goes to a "HFS"  to purchase Arrowhead Mills
vital wheat gluten because the only garbage that can be purchased "main
line" starts with the letter H.

The "H" brand doesn't even make a real whole wheat flour!  They grind
out a graham flour, but not a true fine whole-wheat flour.  Can't make
bread from it, "leastwise" I can't and I bake virtually every day of the

Some managers are willing to cater to their customers.  Others cannot. 
If it isn't on the "buy" list, it usually isn't going to happen
regardless of how much pressure y'all put on the stores.

I know the above is negative and I loath posting it, but the "facts is
the facts" and there's nothing that you and I can do to change that
until stores begin to eschew the large bucks (graft) that the mainline
manufacturers pay for shelf space.

I have to take a 60 mile round-trip to buy Boca, Nature's Touch, etc. 
And yes, I'm grateful that is all I have to travel.

Bev Kurtin