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Re: Nutritional yeast (vs brewer's yeast)

At 8:51 AM -0700 8/29/97, Doris Tuck wrote:
 * >        Brewer's yeat is absolutely NOT interchangeable with nutritional
 * >yeast - I don't know what the fellow at the store was thinking!  It doesn't
 * A lot of places tell you it is the same thing.  I went to a HFS here
 * in Fremont asking for nutritional yeast and was directed to brewer's
 * yeast and told it was the same thing.

I'd like to confirm that the three HFS in which I shop (in Atlanta) all insist
that brewer's yeast and nutritional yeast are the same thing. Surprisingly
though, they do carry both, and they are labelled correctly.

The brewer's yeast is always in the vitamin/mineral section, and the
nutritional yeast is in brown bags, typically with the bulk foods. (I
understand that nutritional yeast is light sensitive, hence the brown bags.)

To reinforce this misnomer, even the recipes published by the esteemed Dr.and
Mary McDougall call for "brewer's yeast"! I don't know if this has been
corrected in their newer books, but their original books helped to spread this

Nutritional yeast tastes and smells good right out of the bag. (Brewer's yeast
does not.)

Try some nutritional yeast on popcorn! Sprinkle or squirt lite soy sauce on
air-popped popcorn and then sprinkle on the nutritional yeast, by the
tablespoon. My husband, dog, and I fight over who gets to eat the yeast remains
in the bottom of the bowl. :-)

Ellen C.