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Bread machines

Just noticed that the bread machine thing is still going on and I still
insist that there isn't one out there worth a tinker's dam.

No bread maker I have tried seems to be made for the serious baker who
bakes on a daily basis.  I've burned out three (of different makes) in
less than one week each.

It's the whole wheat and the daily processing that seems to do 'em in.

A GOOD quality food processor like the Cuisnart Pro (kneads a 1 pound
loaf in less than a couple of minutes) combined with 30
minutes for the first rise and 30 for the second still yields a great
loaf of bread in 90 minutes as compared with the 6 to 8 HOURS for a
bread with enogh air in it to sustain life underwater<G>.

I now step off my soapbox and return you to your normally scheduled