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gena-soy (?)

forgive me if i got the company's name wrong, but i called the number 
that was mentioned in the digest a few weeks ago to ask for a sampler 
pack of protein bars.  the woman asked where i found their number because 
they have been flooded with requests (the advertising executive was 
curious).  i told them the internet but while walking the dog, i realized 
it came from this list.  when i called back to tell them this, the woman 
i talked to asked how to subscribe so she could see the original message. 
  anyhow, the point of all this is, she asked me to send a note to the 
digest to tell the person who submitted their phone number "thank you" 
because of all the requests for information and samples they have 
received.  :-)  

oh - if anyone would like their number, let me know!  :-)