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Re: Boca Burgers

Bev says:
I live in the Dallas area and have "only" a 60 mile round-trip to my
local Whole Foods store where  I can buy mine.  It's a stinking shame
that most grocery stores today will  not put a product into their stores
without graft being paid ahead of time.
I live about 45 min north of Dallas and none of the "little" stores
around here will carry Boca Burgers.  However, the closest Tom
Thumb and Albertsons started carrying them in the freezer section
after I started filling out those request cards available at the
office in front of the stores.  I wrote on the cards that it was a
shame that those of us looking for this type of product had to
give our money to Whole Foods.  A week later, both stores called
and said they had started carrying them.

You have to *tell* them that your food dollars are going elsewhere.
There's a big grocery war going on in and around Dallas.  They want
your money - all of it.  Whole Foods is considered a serious competitor.