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you mean fat on a stick?

Yes-I do know, from my SAD days, of cheesecake on a stick. I also know that
it is stuff like that that causes the freshman fifteen. This is my last
year as an undergrad here at Vandy, and I have seen firsthand how easy and
tempting it is to just go ahead and eat that stuff because it is quicker
and easier than making a vegan, FF version. I sympathize w/ your dorm
plight (I used to live in one). You will find that as the semester goes on,
you will become more tempted to eat stuff like cheesecake on a stick and
vending-machine fare. Vandy is a really health conscious (although for all
of the wrong reasons, IMHO) school, but when crunch time comes, even some
of the most rigorous dieters find themselves choosing between a snickers or
a twix. My advice-find a friend who lives off-campus. Go grocery shopping
with them, and then cook together. My best friend is an RA in a frshman
dorm, without access to any cooking facilities. She refuses to get the meal
plan (I don't blame her). However, on Fridays, we go grocery shopping, come
back to my apartment, cook, chop fresh veggies, hand out, etc. By the end
of the night, we've enjoyed each other's company, caught up on gossip, and
prepared a week's worth of food and snacks that are FF (or nearly so) and
unavailable otherwise. Good Luck Jenny!!

Gayle D. Green
Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies
Evaluation and Methodology Research

	"To become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life"

						-Robert Louis Stevenson