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Re: Bananas = acne/ was: college food

>>I agree with Victoria's comments regarding students gaining weight and
>>ruining their complexions when they head for college (I'm convinced
>>chocolate, bananas, eggs, grease= pimples, no matter what my dermatologist
>How did bananas get into this list?  I can understand the chocolate
>(the way it is processed in this country, anyway, with all the added
>fat), grease, and probably eggs, but bananas?

Hi Doris,
	I can answer that one!  Bananas can = acne when you have Acne
Rosacea.  People with Rosacea will react with facial skin breakouts (little
pimples) when they eat foods such as:  vinegar, alcohol, tomatoes, egg
plant, potatoes, cheese, BANANAS, and many other foods.  Rosacia is a
genetic condition which is unfortunately all too common.  It usually only
strikes in your 30-40's but has been known to occur in younger adults.  A
famous comedian W.C. Fields had Rosacia, and our President suffers from it
	Should anyone be suffering with "adult acne" you may wish to read
more about your condition at the following web site:

Hope this helps,

\*/\*/Pixilated@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \*/\*/\*/ Southern California \*/\*/ _@v
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