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Uncooperative SO's

This string is getting very long!!!!
However, here's my tuppence worth...

I have no SO but I do have 2 children aged 10 and 13.  The younger 
one has never been much of a m**t eater but the other is a 
traditional SASD (South African Standard Diet), rys, vleis & 
aartappels (rice, flesh - literally - and potatoes).  So persuading 
her that more veggies and less m**t is better, has been an uphill 

Until .... their school cookery lesson included a vegetable pie. She 
rushed home and made it for us and it is now a firm favourite, and 
has tipped *her* balance towards healthy eating.
Yesterday she brought home a veg cookbook from the school library and 
is busy experimenting with all sorts of dishes.  The FF bit we'll get 
to later ......

So I have to agree with Ellen - let someone else do the persuading.

C Ya
Fran Watts 
Ballito, South Africa
"What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve"