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>I've never had beets, bar the pickled 'Bicks' variety in the jar (which I
>adore, but have stopped buying because they're loaded with sugar).
Beets have a strong enough flavor of their own to be able to handle 
stevia quite nicely.  In fact, they seem to enhance each other.  
(Kind of like fennel with beets; in fact, stevia has an aftertaste 
somewhat similar to fennel.)

I quarter the beets and steam, then peel and maybe cut into smaller 
(bite-size) pieces, if I'm feeling ambitious, and sprinkle with 
either the powdered stevia (man, this stuff is S-W-E-E-T), or add 
a couple drops of the liquid.  Sometimes (again, if I'm feeling
ambitions), I'll put the peeled and cut pieces back into the pan 
and add a bit of cornstarch and water with the stevia to make a 
kind of glaze.


>       Is it true that you can't peel them before cooking, as they 'bleed
>to death'?

I don't know about bleeding, but when raw these things are a booger 
to slice, let alone try to peel.